Ms. Rachel E. Milano The Sand Goddess

"TURNING A BLIND EYE" ... Have you seen it?

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The newly completed "TURNING A BLIND EYE".  Have you seen it?  Many have.  The Seven Foot double sided sand painting was previewed October 26-28th at the F.E.G.S Sexual Abuse Survivor Art Show in Stony Brook New York with rave reviews.  The piece was the first and last Sexual Abuse Awareness work to be created by Ms. Milano and will be used to raise greater awareness for the life of it's existence. 


Following it's release exhibition it will tour the home offices of non-profit organizations which work to prevent sexual abuse in our nation.  Below, you will find the 14 foot creation with the R.E.Mark signed in the blood stained sands of Ms. Milano. The R.E.Mark can be found on the front of the vigil candle dish.  On the right panel of the piece, there is a secret door in the sea of heads which hides a book which unlocks the symbolisms within the work. 

The book will remain in the piece forever.  Copies of the original book are for sale on this site for $20.  The first 100 are limited edition copies and include a DVD of additional photos with the artist audio read of the book.  Both will be sold separately after January 2012 for $15 each.

See it here... so you can say "I saw it".

            Right panel                                      Center panel                                    Left Panel

The panels on the piece close to conceal the graphic side of the work for those who wish to exhibit the 7 foot work as "sensitive material".  The piece closes down to 3' x 3.8' as shown below.

On the left is the Artist's sister, Heather, who departed at the age of seven years old.  Ms. Milano and her sister were sexual abuse victims from as early as four years old.  The sisters were a year and ten days apart.  The awareness symbol reveals the conditions endured were Sexual Abuse, Childhood Maltreatment and Domestic Violence with one non-surviving victim, Heather.

Below you will find the inside piece, which can barely be viewed through the small exposure space between the awareness symbol when the piece is closed.  

The secret door can be found on the left, above the head of the man with glasses and with the person stretching to speak out.  The book is hidden behind that small hinged door.  The image here shows the entire work opened up with the above image on the opposite side. 


The book is a photo book with explanation by the artist of the symbolism of the images and why she decided to embark on this creation in sand.  It is both personal and universal, a must read by everyone.  Be the first to receive a signed limited edition copy.  There are only 100 LE releases.  Proceeds go towards the humanitarian efforts of the artist.  


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