Ms. Rachel E. Milano The Sand Goddess

Creative Workshops

Welcome to the Healing HeArt Program! 

Want to learn how I paint with sand?  Want to acquire the Holistic Healing benefits I gained through turning my pain into passion?  If you want to paint for fun or for the soul healing enrichment rewards of painting with sand, a Creative Workshop might be just the thing the doctor ordered!  Book a workshop in your home or attend a promoted workshop!  Sessions help enhance:

  • Personal Growth
  • Internal expression
  • Self empowerment
  • Efforts to Rebuild Inner Securities
  • Rediscover Personal Intimacy
  • Renew passion
  • Language of the HeArt
  • Rebuild Internal Trust

These sessions are not only excellent for adolescence and adults, but they are a particularly useful tool for those who desire additional emotional recovery support relating to issues which stem from maltreatment of any kind.  They are also a wonderful creative learning experience for those with special needs.  

Workshop Rates

All workshops are $20 per painter for a 2 hour session of 10 or more participants.  Private sessions are $60 for two hours for adults and $30 for children.  I recommend a  Workshop Series of six consecutive sessions (12 hours) to attain the full benefits of the Healing HeArt Program.

For maximum results, I recommend one to two sessions per month for those with deep rooted resolution needs.   

Contact me to book a session or to request a workshop in your area.