Ms. Rachel E. Milano The Sand Goddess

Commission Rates & Services

The following commission rates are:

Corporate Commissions:  $100 per square foot plus $1,000 per painted pound (p3).

Private Commissions: $50 per square foot plus $250 per painted pound (p3).

Paintings can be done on wood or stretched canvas.   However most works are done on wood backing.  Treatment guidelines accompany the work along with a signed Certificate of Authenticity.  All originals purchases come with one complementary 8x10 Photo or Print. 

The Process & Policy

The process of completing any work is as follows:

  •  Concept is roughly sketched.
  •  Concept is committed when drafted to the desired size and material it will be created on.
  •  Sands are then stained to specifications and the sculpting and painting process begins. 
  •  The work is completed to 99% and waits for final purchase, seal and delivery. 
  •  The work is typically delivered by crate service unless picked up directly by the art buyer.


A 30% deposit is required for all committed works.  Once any work is committed, there is no refund on deposits.   Time for completion may vary on size and complexity of piece so please allow ample time for the processing of your work.   Collectors have 30 days from the time of 99% completion to remit payment in full or all rights to ownership will be  deemed abandoned and the piece will be auctioned off for charity.  As the artist, I retain user rights to any image(s) created.