Ms. Rachel E. Milano The Sand Goddess

About The R.E.M Mark

"Many people have asked, "What does the symbol mean?"  Well, I tried to keep it simple and yet significant.  To me, there seems to be a center point in creativity where all things come together and then resonate from.   While the symbol looks similar to an asterisk, commonly used to signify a notation, it is in fact three arrows. 
The first and longest arrow represents my  applied passion invested in each work, then I impart the dedication of my time and lastly bring forward the manifestation of my mind's eye in a completed work. 
There is an empty space at the base of the symbol.  As is with any art work, there is one thing which truly marks it as "A work of art" and that is the viewers appreciation.  Therefore, I have left the arm of that arrow absent in wait for the person who's heart is moved toward the piece.  The Approaching You, you complete the work.  It is this convergence which enables any work to hold perpetual value.  
As well as standing for the abbreviated form of my name, the R.E.M. mark represents the center place of each person in which dreams are a state of art.  This affirms that my work is indeed R.E.Markable!  Together we give birth to life!" 
To recognize the signature mark is authentic, the R.E.M Mark will be either embossed on the signature wood disk or embedded/raised on the sand.  In addition, all R.E.M originals from the year 2010 up come with certificates of Authenticity.  If you own a work of mine and desire a Certificate of Authenticity, I can evaluate the work to verify it is my own and generate a Certificate for the piece.